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JOMA Visuals is a Lincolnshire based video production & video marketing team. We are all about amplifying your message through the power of big, beautiful and bold films. This could be a slick promotional video to promote your event. A story-driven narrative to tell your brand story. Or short social media content to as part of a wider campaign to dazzle your audience. As your videography team, we have the experience and expertise to give your video content the treatment that it deserves.


From idea to execution. We are not just a standard commercial videographer. We like to create films and visuals that hooks the audience and reels them in with audio and visual flair. We can produce one-off video productions or create and manage the entire visual component of your social media channels. In addition to events videos, social videos and company story videos. We can do this via use of visual story-telling, slick editing, green screen, drone and visual effects to name just a few of the services and techniques that we offer.



For our friends over at the Curious Cat Cocktail bar, we produced this ‘epic b-roll’ video of their award winning mixologist, Lewis making up an espresso martini cocktail. This style of video works well for any subject where there is action on screen. These videos are unscripted in nature and rely on camera motion, in camera transitions, music and sound design to produce a video that is just a little bit different to a standard promo video. They are a lot of fun and get a ton of views.