Commercial Videographer, Filmmaker & Content Creator


Hey, my name is Joe Marshall, I’m a freelance videographer, 3D artist, and digital content creator based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. I create high-end video production for individuals, brands, entertainers and entrepreneurs. I love being a part of the creative process and collaborating with other creatives to produce video content that is cinematic and unique. I have a broad range of media skills developed over my career including video and music production, photography, 3D art, animation and graphic design. As Joma Visuals, I weave all of my experience in these different disciplines to create finely crafted video content that is unique, cinematic and compelling.


I like to create films and visuals designed to hook the audience and reel them in with audio and visual flair. I place more emphasis on filmmaking technique rather than using all the gear. I combine documentary style filmmaking with use of cinematic techniques to achieve a well-crafted look and feel. I can produce one-off videos or create series for vlogs, educational or social media campaigns. I use a variety of techniques to set the proper tone of the video. I am solo videographer so I handle most video productions myself or with an assistant. However I can arrange for additional crew if you have a grander vision for your production.



The Curious Cat Cocktail bar in Grimsby is a delightful little joint with great service and atmosphere. I produced this epic b-roll style promo video of their award winning mixologist, Lewis making up an espresso martini cocktail. This style of video works well for any subject where there is action on screen. These videos are unscripted in nature and rely on camera motion, in camera transitions, music and sound design to produce a video that stands well apart from a standard promo video. They are a lot of fun and get a ton of views.

I have made awesome videos for...